In a cautious climbdown from Volkswagen’s previous anti-electric stance, Volkswagen’s CEO Martin Winternkorn said electric cars might not be the work of the antichrist after all. The statements were made at the 32nd Vienna Motor Symposium. After announcing that the Volkswagen Group will be producing plug-in hybrid in 2013/14 (didn’t they previously say it was 2012?), Winterkorn said:


“The electric car will impact the future of individual mobility in crucial ways – and Volkswagen is spearheading this technology. Over the mid-term, the plug-in hybrid offers great potential, because it combines the best of two worlds in one vehicle.”

Great that someone finally had the guts to say that.

Then, Volkswagen showcased two new engines at the symposium. One runs on E 85 and will be sold in Sweden and Finland. The other is a diesel that will go into the Chattanooga Passat.

Source: The Truth About Cars, by Bertel Schmitt, May the 7th, 2011