A newly introduced bipartisan bill in Congress called the Electric Drive Vehicle Deployment Act is looking to authorize roughly $3 billion for electric vehicle roll out in specific regions around the United States.


The bill is sponsored by a Democrat from Massachusetts, two from California, and an Illinois Republican. Under the legislation the U.S. Secretary of Energy would competitively offer $300 million to ten different communities where electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid deployment would be supported through grants and tax incentives.

Critical infrastructure, like public charging stations and domestic manufacturing, would be funded to test best practices in yet-t0-be-determined cities. As well, the bill would offer an additional $2,000 incentive to the first 50,000 green car buyers within each selected district beyond already established federal and local incentives.


The bill would also extend the $2,000 individual and $50,000 business tax credits for charging station installation. Smaller communities outside the ten determined regions will have the ability to apply for some grants, and manufacturers will also have the chance to take advantage of new incentives.

Source: Green Economy, by Aaron Colter, May the 6th, 2011